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offers decades of experience in the home inspection business. Since 1984 we have developed the specialized knowledge and expertise needed to pinpoint potential problems and the home inspection knowledge to offer you practical, understandable advice for your next steps.

Located in Ottawa, DoubleCheck Home Inspections provides home inspection services for homeowners and businesses across Eastern Ontario. Our goal is to provide property owners the best possible home inspection services, by double-checking:


Cottage inspections services


Cottage properties have a distinct charm but they also come with special risks. It is essential to include cottage inspection in your offer to purchase a cottage property. Cottages range from new construction to century log or stone construction. Expect anything and everything from basements with dirt floors to innovative energy systems. Many cottages have alternate heating and/or energy systems such as wood, pellet, wind, solar or photovoltaic. Most cottages properties have a septic system and well. (Ground-source heat pumps may require an additional well.)

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Building or buying a home in the Ottawa area may be the largest investment you will ever make. Making the wrong decision will, at best, create major inconvenience. At worst, it could spell financial disaster. DoubleCheck Home Inspections Ottawa valley was established to help you make better property decisions. Our home inspection reports are the first step in making sure that your money is invested wisely. You can trust our home inspectors we are professional certification and code of ethics to provide you with an unbiased report that you can trust.

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